Sitecomm SC-GRP-4005 GPS Tracking Device

Sitecomm SC-GRP-4005 GPS Tracking Device

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Sitecomm SC-GPS-4005 4G GPS Tracker.

Sitecomm’s 4G GPS Tracker is the best value for money GPS tracking device available.

At a glance there are a list of features all included at no extra cost.

  1. Unlimited Tracking of Device 24/7
  2. Geo-Fences
  3. Mobile App (Apple and Android)
  4. Free Email/Web/SMS Alert Notifications

Most importantly the unit does include a internal backup battery which can last up to 7 days when fully charged.

Further more advantages of this unit is its size 80.5mm x 60mm x 23.5mm making it easier to hide.

Don’t be fooled by others on the market. We guarantee othese devices are 4G compatible and approved for use in Australia, unlike others on the market.

It is recommended to have the units installed by 12v Fitouts Australia or another experienced installer.

Please read Sitecomm’s terms and conditions by Clicking Here